How to make an audio using Audacity

Learn to use Audacity in a live class

Course Summary

The date of the live class is 5/5/22 at 12:15pm London time

When I first started using Audacity I found it so difficult I made loads of errors it took me hours to put the simplest recording together and then when I finally achieved an audio I was happy with, I could not get it to my client effectively as it was too big to email and so, the headache continued. Well I am glad to tell you I carried on and mastered it and I would love to show you how to create an audio without all the pitfalls and headache I had.

I will take you step by step to create an audio you are proud of. I take the headache out of trying to understand how to use the software and just like everything it's easy when you know how. If you want to fast forward hours of frustration in your creation then sign up for my live class.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a professional sounding recording
  • Save your recording as an ongoing project so you can return to it.
  • How to edit your recording.
  • How to save as an MP3
  • How to get your recording out there to the public and or your client.

The course is supported by a downloadable workbook and you will have access to a recording so, if you cannot make the live you can follow the class anytime you wish that suits you and you will have access to it to go back and work through it again.

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The live class will be recorded so you get to listen again or at a more convenient time to you 

This program is for you if: 

  • You want to make professional sounding audio
  • You don't know where to start with Audacity
  • You want to reach more people with pre recorded audio
  • You find Audacity overwhelming
  • You want to expand your business by using recordings

Imagine if you could reach more people in your business with audio..... What would that do to your business?
You can share your knowledge, skill, teachings with audio simply and effectively.

The date of the live class is 5/5/22 at 12:15 pm London time

Hi There, I'm Tracy Woods 

My background is working with clients to help them overcome their limiting beliefs, allowing them to step into their confidence and really achieve a more fulfilling life. I also offer group work on line. To support my work I offer audio recording to my clients and found Audacity as a software does the job. I had a steep learning curve with Audacity and once mastered it is like anything, easy when you know how. If you are a learner who likes to follow written  instructions or a more visual learner and like to follow a class that takes you through step by step then this is for you as you will have access to both.  

Course Pricing

  • Learn how to make professional recordings
  • £37

    Live webinar and supporting workbook

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  • Live webinar
  • Workbook
  • you will receive a recording of the live class
  • You can work through at your own pace